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what patients are saying

Having had 3 children vaginally, thing were not good “down there”. I leaked if I tried to exercise, had constant pressure in the vagina, felt constipated most of the time, and sex wasn’t the same to say the least. I saw Dr. Mathews for consult and was amazed at the time he took to explain what was going on and what my options were. While I felt devastated that I had Pelvic Organ Prolaspe, his words, I left his office feeling empowered with my new knowledge. After some soul searching, I decide to have surgery. I also decide that if I was going to have surgery, I wanted it all fixed. I underwent repair of my bladder, rectum and vagina and had the inner lips, labia, reduced and the vagina tightened. Recovery was not as bad as I thought it would be and I was back driving in a week and fully recovered in 8 weeks. I cannot believe what a change this surgery has made in my life. It is like Dr. Mathews turned the clock back to before I had my three wonderful children. I now exercise regularly and am pain free. I would and do recommend Dr. Mathews to anyone experiencing these problems.
-- Brenda

Nina Restores her Quality of Life

During an annual exam with Dr. Mathews, a routine question about urinary leakage encouraged Nina to discuss her problem with him and explore solutions. Ultimately, she made the decision to undergo minimally invasive surgery.“It started happening when I sneezed or coughed, then it progressed to the point that I didn’t want to do many of the things I loved doing, including playing with my grand kids,” Nina said. “Dr. Mathews was great. He explained the new, minimally invasive techniques he uses and answered all of my questions. He’s the kind of person you can sit down and talk with about these things, and feel comfortable. He’s very caring and compassionate, and takes his time. He talked my husband and me through every step, and told us what to expect.”“I had my surgery six years ago and couldn’t be happier! The leaking stopped and recovery was so easy. I had to keep reminding myself to keep follow the post-op directions because I felt so good. I had the surgery on Wednesday or Thursday, and was back to the following Monday.”

Sara’s Personal Change

Sara has been a patient of Dr. Mathews’ for over 15 years. He has helped her with everything from family planning, pregnancy and childbirth, to labiaplasty.“I experienced pain during sexual intercourse but was unaware of options like labiaplasty. I also felt that my labia weren’t very aesthetically pleasing, but the discomfort was my biggest issue. It was affecting my relationship with my husband.”“People are reluctant to talk about things like this, and I was one of them. I didn’t talk about it with anyone, not even my girlfriends. The discomfort got to the point that I mentioned it to Dr. Mathews, and he was just wonderful. He talked with me about labiaplasty and educated me, explaining everything in understandable terms. I went into the procedure confident in my decision.”“Dr. Mathews performed the labiaplasty in-office, which was nice because it was private and convenient. This was two years ago. Now I don’t feel any discomfort during sexual intercourse and I can wear things like workout clothes and bathing suits that I was reluctant to wear before. Looking back on it, I think the problem with my labia also affected my self-image. People don’t understand because it’s something hidden under clothing, but after the surgery I feel much more self-confident. I would definitely do it all over again, and would tell someone considering labiaplasty to go ahead and do it. It’s something that can be easily fixed. I’m very pleased with the outcome.”

Dr Mathews has been my doctor for 10 years. He has always been so patient and considerate. He always takes time to explain things and made me feel comfortable when I was considering my cosmetic vaginal surgery. He is a wonderful doctor. I am so thankful that I found him. His staff is also very friendly. Linda

Dr. Mathews is a fabulous doctor. I went to him for a GYN problem and was given high quality treatment. He was very informative and explained in detail what to expect. He along with his staff is very caring. He takes his time and is not in a rush like most doctors are these days. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mathews to all of my family and friends. Anonymous

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Dr. Mathews was great. Having had my Vaginal Rejuvenation done by another doctor that resulted in complications, Dr. Mathews restored my life. I and my husband are grateful. You’re the best. Lindsey

Dr. Mathews is a very good doctor; I have been with him for a long time and have always been pleased. I can talk to him about any female problem without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. I feel like I am amongst friends when I visit his office. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone!
-- Anonymous

It was a difficult decision, picking the right doctor to perform my labiaplasy. I did my research and am so happy I found Dr. Mathews. His easygoing style and straightforward explanations helped me make important decisions for my surgery. I couldn’t be happier. Barbara

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